Dr. Jitendra Kumar

Doctor of Homeopathy Medicine

As an experienced homeopathy doctor with a dual qualification of BHMS and MD in Homoeopathic medicine, Dr. Jitendra is here to provide expert care for a range of health concerns with latest research and technology in the field.

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About Dr. Jitendra


Dr. Jitendra Kumar is a seasoned homeopathic practitioner with over two decades of experience. He is dedicated to enhancing the well-being of his patients and holds degrees in B.H.M.S and MD. He specializes in treating a diverse range of conditions, from childhood growth issues to skin diseases, mental health concerns, and chronic ailments.

  • Tailored Childhood Growth Solutions
  • Holistic Skin Wellness
  • Affordable Consultation

"Dr. Jitendra Kumar pioneers affordable care, fostering a ripple effect of well-being"

Why Choose Dr. Jitendra


Patients choose Dr. Jitendra Kumar for his unwavering commitment to trustworthiness. With over two decades of practice, he has earned a reputation as a reliable healthcare provider. His transparent and honest approach instills confidence in patients, creating a foundation of trust that is essential for a healing journey.


Dr. Kumar's understands that each patient is unique, facing not only physical but also emotional challenges. Driven by compassion, he connects on a deeper level, offering comfort and support. This empathetic approach not only aids in accurate diagnosis but also contributes to a nurturing and healing environment.

Communication Skills

Dr. Jitendra Kumar excels in effective communication, a vital aspect of patient care. He articulates complex medical information in an accessible manner, ensuring that patients fully comprehend their health conditions and treatment options.


Childhood Growth Issues

Dermatology - Skin Diseases

Mental Health: Anxiety and Depression

Facial Concerns: Acne, Pimples, Warts

Head Issues: Migraine, Headache, Hair Problems

Chronic Conditions: Coryza, Sinusitis, Asthma

Liver Diseases & Intestinal Disorders

Child & Women's Health


Feedback submitted by Patients

Dr. Jitendra Kumar's professionalism stands out in his ability to efficiently diagnose and treat. He tackled my condition with a methodical approach, providing a clear path to recovery. The results were not just temporary relief but a lasting resolution to my health concerns. Highly recommended for his clinical acumen.

- Shaarang Singh

Choosing Dr. Kumar was a decision backed by professionalism and expertise. His systematic and thorough approach to my health issue not only provided relief but showcased a level of competence that instilled confidence. Grateful for a doctor who delivers results with precision!

- Sangini Singh

Dr. Jitendra Kumar's professional prowess in the field of homeopathy is nothing short of exemplary. Facing a persistent health issue, I sought his expertise, and the results were truly impressive.

- Rohan Kumar

Contact Details


+91 9411616954



10:30AM - 12:30PM

07:00PM - 09:00PM